On The Go Transportation  - " We're here to get you there"

Policy and Procedures
Protocol for Student Pick Up and Drop Off: is as follows and must be adhered to by each driver to ensure that each student is transported in a timely manner to and from school.
* Please have your children ready 10 minutes prior to your pick up time
* The driver will blow upon arrival, and will wait no longer  than 2 minutes
* The driver can't and will "NOT" return for late students
* After school the driver will only wait 6 minutes after normal school dismissal time
  "6 minutes boarding" students should not play with friends
  (Please remind your students to come directly to the bus.)
* Parents will be notified when your child misses the bus, and PLEASE notify us when 
   They go home early or will not be riding.
* Students are "NOT" allowed to eat or drink on the bus
* No bullying, fighting, arguing or physical contact with other passengers
* No horse playing or standing while the vehicle is in motion
* Audio/Video devices may be used with headphones "ONLY" at
  reasonable volume
* Seatbelts must be worn at "ALL" times
* Students 8 years of age and under 4'9 inches tall, must ride in booster
  seat (provided)
* Insubordinate and disrespectful behavior and language towards anyone
  will "NOT" be  tolerated. 
 (Including parents) Immediate Termination of Services
* Keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle
* On The Go Transportation is not responsible for items left behind on the
* Parents WILL be responsible for $50.00 sick/accident clean up fee 

* Damages caused to On The Go Transportation vehicles by the student
   is the responsibility of the parent for any repairs needed
* On The Go Transportation will charge a $10.00 late fee  fo
    payments received after 11:59 pm each Friday.
* If your child only rides one day during the week, your rate is still the
  normal rate, we do not pro-rate days ( weekly rates only)
* If your child is absent more than 1 week, your payment must continue to
  be made in order to reserve your seat. Out more than 1 week require
  new $50 registration fee.
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